Our photo contests can be view, voted, judged and entered online.

Meetup Competitions

Some of the competitions will be tied to a meetup event. During an active photo meetup, we will run themed and free-form camera competitions. Sometimes the theme or rules will be announced in the event description and other times the competition details will be announced last minute.

Open Competitions

Some of our contests will be open to all members no matter where you live. In October we will launch our Photo of the Month contest. All members will be able to enter and vote for the best photo taken in each month. We might even role out some themed contest for our wider photographic community.

Voting & Judging

When you enter a photo into a competition, it will appear nameless and vote-less. Members will only be able to see their own votes. Members will have 50 votes to use in each contest with a maximum 5 votes per picture.

Competition winners will be decided by peer voting, technical aspects and finally a judge. The bulk of the decision will be from the voting and in most contests, the voting will shortlist the top 5 photographs. If we set a technical goal that can be measured, such as ‘sharpness’, ‘proportions’ or a particular colour, we may choose the winner with the best scores. We could bring in a guest judge who has their own criteria for selecting the winner.

Entry Fees

We do intend to charge small entry fees for some competitions, so that we can give a cash prize to competition winners. The standard entry for our photo contests will be £ 1 and it will be possible to buy entry vouchers online.