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Members can request a photo tour in any part of the world.

The request will be added to the calendar below. Also, other members will receive a notification if they have subscribed to that calendar.

Enter your MaxPax preferences in the post:

  • Group size – 6 – 10 – 14

Small groups are more expensive per person, but can be a more comfortable trip. A large group can save a lot of money on transport.

Include your accommodation preferences:

  • Camping, shared accomm, Hotels etc

This affects the price but helps you find the right travel partners and avoid disappointment.

Include your preferred tour duration:

  • This could be different to your availability dates.

We wont include personal info such as phone or email!! Once you have submitted your request, we will put it on the calendar, but without your personal information.

Nearly full trips will be announced in newsletters.

Request Form | Calendar


This calendar will show any current requests for photo trips.

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